Elegant and tailored suits for women - look sophisticated, feel strong, confident and in charge. Customise your own suit and come in for a fitting - made to measure


Working as a tailor, the team behind Isadora Nim saw the huge demand for men’s suits. Realising women’s bodies are much more varied than men’s, they set out to create elegant and tailored suits for professional women. They established Isadora Nim.

Your bodies are as unique as your personalities and Isadora Nim wanted to reflect that by giving you the opportunity to show your individuality and customise your own suit. You’ll be able to see and touch the fabric’s texture and weight before deciding which you prefer. You can pick the lapel size and style. The colour of the buttons and how many. The type of pockets you want, if any. You’ll be able to select all or none of the components of the suit and our stylist will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Because as you step into more senior roles, sit on more boards and break up the boys’ club of the corporate world, Isadora Nim is there to make sure you look stylish doing it. We understand the workplace can be a cut-throat environment and we know from experience that looking the part promotes feeling the part. At Isadora Nim we’ll ensure you look sophisticated, helping you to feel strong, confident and in charge.

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